Understanding galaxy formation and evolution is at the heart of modern astronomy. Central to that goal is the necessity to improve our understanding of star formation, and thus the evolution of the interstellar medium (ISM) of galaxies. This requires an understanding of phenomena spanning vast spatial scales, which must be gained through observations across the electromagnetic spectrum as well as state-of-the-art numerical simulations. To tackle these complex issues, IAU Symposium 292 will focus on the detailed properties of the molecular clouds where stars are born, the fuel and tracers of star formation, the quantification of star formation, and its effects on galaxy evolution. Implicit throughout will be the use of physical and chemical diagnostics exploiting the latest facilities, particularly Herschel and ALMA.


We have put together PDF abstract files for both the talks (in chronological order) and posters of IAUS292, which may be more practical to use than the ones for the entire general assembly provided by the IAU itself:
Talk abstracts
Poster abstracts

The final programme is now out! Please check the link on the left.

Here is the list of invited speakers:

S. Aalto, L. Blitz, M. Bureau, E. Daddi, J. Di Francesco, Y. Fukui, A. Kawamura, L. Kewey, M. Krumholz, M. Mac Low, S. Madden, S. Molinari, N. Murray, N. Nesvadba, T. Onaka, P. Papadopoulos, M. Rubio, A. Saintonge, K. Sakamoto, P. Salome, A. Schruba, J. Tan, K. Wada, W.-H. Wang, C. Wilson

Core Topics

The SOC is now putting together the programme and invited speakers. The symposium will focus on the following topics: