Molecular gas observations
toward the Local Group and the outer Milky Way
January, 16-17, Nagoya University 


 Day 1

Start time End time Speaker Title
13:00 13:05 Opening  
Low-metallicity environment/Magallanic Clouds (1) Chair: Hidetoshi Sano
13:05 13:30 Natsuko Izumi Structure of molecular cloud in the outer Milky Way
13:30 13:55 Takashi Shimonishi Astrochemistry at the Extreme Outer Galaxy 
13:55 14:20 Sarolta Zahorecz Revealing chemical properties of the low metallicity LMC and SMC - Cycle 8 follow-ups of previous ALMA observations
14:20 14:45 Kei Tanaka Dynamics of Low-Metallicity Star Formation
14:45 15:15 Break  
 Magellanic Clouds (2) Chair: Kisetsu Tsuge
15:15 15:40 Yasuo Fukui High-mass Star Formation Triggered by Galactic Tidal Interaction
15:40 16:05 Kazuki Tokuda ALMA observations of high-mass star-forming filaments in the Large Magellanic Cloud
16:05 16:35 Break  
Numerical Simulation for high-mass star formation    Chair: Kei Tanaka
16:35 17:00 Tsuyoshi Inoue Formations of Massive Star and Massive Cluster Induced by MHD Shock Wave
17:00 17:25 Nirmit Sakre Massive Core/Star Formation triggered by Cloud-Cloud Collision: Effects of Magnetic Field & Collision Speed
17:45 20:00
Day 2
Start time End time Speaker Title
High-mass star formation in the Milky Way    Chair: Kazuki Tokuda
9:30 9:55 Mikito Kohno Dense gas and mini-starbursts in the W43 giant molecular cloud complex 
9:55 10:20 Rin Yamada  High mass star formation triggered by cloud - cloud collisions in W3 
10:20 10:50 Break  
Magellanic Clouds (3)    Chair: Toshikazu Ohnishi
10:50 11:15 Kisetsu Tsuge Star Formation in the Magellanic Clouds
11:15 11:40 Takahiro Ohno Formation mechanism of high mass stars in the SMC
11:40 12:05 Hidetoshi Sano ALMA CO Observations of Supernova Remnants in the Local Group Galaxies
12:05 13:30 Lunch  
Galaxy evolution/Nearby galaxies (1) Chair: Kazuyuki Muraoka
13:30 13:55 Masato Kobayashi Evolutionary description of molecular cloud mass function along with difficulties in massive cloud formation
13:55 14:20 Shinji Fujita Molecular and atomic gas associated with Hubble V in NGC6822
14:20 14:45 Hiroshi Kondo ALMA view of 1 pc-scale molecular gas structures in M 33
14:45 15:15 Break  
Nearby galaxies (2)    Chair: Natsuko Izumi
15:15 15:40 Tomoka Tosaki An unbiased census of giant molecular clouds in local low-metal dwarf galaxy NGC 6822
15:40 16:05 Kengo Tachihara HI gas properties of tidally interacting galaxy M51
Discussion    Chair: Yasuo Fukui
16:05 16:35